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Sore & Tired... Become a Yogi!

by * on 10/06/12

If your like me, working out daily makes you want to be in bed by 7pm! What are we 5? Well, I spoke with one of my yoga buddies & best sisters Elissa Clanton, she let me in on a secret of the yogi world. If your feeling sore between workouts or daily after workouts and tired, you may need to drink more water and stretch out properly. Elissa is a yoga instructor and master, and her body & fitness shows. 

She said in between cardio workouts and muscle training you need to incorporate yoga sessions, and also stretch and relaxation sessions. There are great classes that provide you with daily fitness and are more relaxing and can help to keep you flexible for your next workout. Try an hour of yoga where you hold poses for over 90 seconds at a time. These will stretch out your muscles and also help you for your next flow yoga class. 

Yoga has so many benefits, it will help you live a healthier happier life and is also a fun way to spend an hour. Find a yoga buddy and go get your yogi on! 

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1. Anna S. said on 10/8/12 - 12:21AM
Thanks so much for the great tip about hydration!

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